The Armoury

The Armoury Valet

USD 595

We've teamed up with an incredible Japanese manufacturer to produce our exclusive Armoury valet. Engineered to fit a full days’ worth of clothing and accessories, it features an amazing one-piece solid wood hanger that's specifically shaped to preserve the line of your jackets. On top sits a felted valet tray used to hold accessories and below two horizontal bars to hold trousers. Finished in a rich mahogany color and The Armoury logo, it's an amazing gift to someone who loves tailored clothing.


1-piece, solid wood hanger Felted valet tray Twin horizontal hanging bars Lower shoe slat Laser etched logo Made in Japan

**Flat packed - basic assembly required

Size and Fit

Hanger Width (point-to-point): 43cm Hanger Shoulder width: 6cm Total Valet Height: 120cm Total Valet Width: 42cm Total Valet Depth: 33cm